Super Audio CD

The Super Audio CD offers the purest sound reproduction available on any kind of Super Audio playback media. Direct Stream Digital (DSD) technology allows for audio fidelity that's closer to the original than any other digital format has been able to achieve. Reproducing all the expressiveness and subtle nuances of a live performance, it eliminates the concerns of audio fans about the "sterile" quality of conventional CD sound.

What is Direct Stream Digital (DSD)?

Direct Stream Digital technology represents a new approach to the digital recording process. It allows sound to be digitally recorded directly from the source without conversion, so that the reproduced sound wave is nearly identical to the original 10 kHz one.

What Super Audio CD products does Sony DADC offer?

Single Layer Disc: contains one HD (high density) layer only
Dual Layer Disc: contains two HD layers
Hybrid Disc: contains one HD layer and one CD layer
Security with Watermark technology leaves no doubts about protection against illegal copying. Two separate techniques make it extremely difficult to duplicate and extremely easy to identify pirated discs. A Super Audio CD player automatically detects fake discs and ejects them. This system protects both artists and consumers against illegal copying of music information, ensuring that the sound you listen to is always the best.


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