Sony DADC is the biggest DVD-Replicator in Europe, with an enviable reputation for top quality workmanship and output. Highly trained staff use frequently tested procedures to offer more than just production facilities - Sony DADC delivers complete DVD replication solutions, from mastering to deliveries worldwide.
And our unique promotional ideas such as Sniffle DVD and Colour DVD will help you improve your DVD sales.
Compare storage capacities and other criteria by finding out more about the DVD5, DVD9, DVD10 formats we offer.
Information on the various packaging types we offer for you will be made available on this web site soon.
Our unique DVD Web site explains everything you need to know about DVD replication at Sony DADC and provides comprehensive technical information about the DVD formats we offer:

DVD 5 single sided, single layer (4.7 Gigabyte)

DVD 9 single sided, double layer (8.5 Gigabyte)

DVD 10 double sided, single layer (9.4 Gigabyte)

and about the corresponding features:


Audio (up to 8 different Soundtracks); 5.1Dolby Surround; DTS

up to 32 different streams of Subtitles


Parental Lock

Multi-angle and more

High data transfer rate of ~ 8.5 MB/sec


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